Badfish is an Ontario Canada company providing high quality products for the growing vape community across the country

Payment Options


We are able to accept all major credit cards as well as EMT at this time.

You will be prompted for credit card number etc., during the checkout process and EMT instructions are as follows:

1. Email Money Transfers. These are a COMPLETELY safe and very fast method of payment to our customers. EMTs are being used more and more by companies and customers all over the world. I personally use them almost exclusively when the option is available to me. We do not receive any personal information from your bank account, and the payments are received within one hour after you send it, which allows us to get your order made and shipped as fast as possible.

If you already use internet banking, or have access to internet banking, this is your best option.

Email Money Transfer instructions

:Send transfer to:

Security Question: what kind of fish ?

Security Answer: badfish

Log in to your online banking.

* Navigate to the 'transfer/payment' options in the menu, or select 'send an email money transfer'.

* Set up a recipient (this will stay set up once you complete this step for the first time). Specify the recipient's email address, and set up the security question and answer

* Type in amount to send (amount that will be invoiced to your email address as soon as you complete this order)

Don't Forget free shipping on all orders over $100 

SHIPPING INFORMATION: ALL packages must be sent out with age verification via Canada Post. offer a $10 flat shipping fee for orders under $100. In Canada, this shipping will be express for both the $10 shipping and the free shipping, and it will be regular shipping for outside of Canada. If your order is above $100, shipping is free, and it's express if you're in Canada! For shipping wait times, please carefully read your confirmation email after you place your order. Generally it's 2-4 business days (excluding Monday) after order placement/payment. Thank you,

About Us

We understand that every person has unique issues when they decide to transition away from tobacco to electronic cigarettes.

We strive to offer products of the highest quality and superior customer satisfaction.

As a 35+ year smoker I found Vaping as a superior way to break the habit. Smoke free since August of 2012 I gave up the cigarettes with in 3 days and shortly after I felt better than I have in decades.

Only your desire and commitment can get you away from cigarettes but we will be there to help you along your way to a better life.

We are a family owned and operated business based out of StThomas Ontario, Canada.

We opened the doors to the first Badfish Vaper Company store in December of 2015 to an overwhelming following of people and have continued to grow ever since,. We have built our reputation on customer service and quality products and will continue to create a great experience for all of our valued clients.

We launched our Badfish branded Eliquids in the fall of 2015 and have gained a great following. We continue to create and develop some amazing flavours and bring them to you both locally and at retail locations across the country.

Many thanks for your continued support and interest in the Badfish brand


Be sure to stop by the store if your in the St Thomas area 


552 Talbot St, St. Thomas Ontario N5P 1C4

Store Hours

Monday — Friday

11:00 AM — 7:00PM


10AM — 5:00 PM


10AM - 3PM